The image of the plumber has evolved considerably since 1970. The plumber is increasingly seen as a specialised entrepreneur, as opposed to ‘someone who unclogs the drain’. In short, the plumber’s role is to make fresh water arrive at the equipment that makes use of it and in turn, to get it back out to the sewage / septic system. That being said, a plumber’s task necessitates the calculation of volumes & capacities, system planning, preparation/installation of piping throughout the building and at the entry/exit points. Selection of piping sizes is a task which requires specific savoir-faire on plumbing standards and fluid properties. Once the installation of the plumbing system and water heater is completed, the plumber must bring the systems online and tune them to ensure optimum collaborative performance. Furthermore, the role of the plumber goes beyond installation and also encompasses maintenance and ensuring that installed systems are in compliance with the latest standards.

6_440The plumbers at Roland Bourbonnais Ltd. all have a minimum of 5 years of training, accompanying a senior plumber in the field, which allows them to observe all aspects of plumbing, heating, clog control, construction plumbing, installation and replacement of water heaters, commercial and institutional plumbing and bathroom plumbing, among others. As such, the services offered are among the most complete in the region. Furthermore, the service is rapid and efficient, as Roland Bourbonnais Ltd. specializes in residential, commercial and institutional emergency service. Current technology allows them to respond rapidly and at all times, which is a key strength of the company. Among other things, a follow-up inquiry on all work, from the smallest to the most involved of jobs, helps to ensure the satisfaction of all our customers. Roland Bourbonnais Ltd. distinguishes itself from the competition, as the service actually begins as of the time that the customer call comes into the office. Advice is given at that time to help appease the problem immediately and may often go as far as to avoid the need for a plumber’s visit!

Tips and tricks
Does your water heater make gurgling sounds? If yes, this can often be a sign of an accumulation of sediment at the bottom of the tank, which can greatly hinder its efficiency. To remedy the problem, all that is generally required is to drain the tank by attaching a common garden hose to the bottom of the tank to allow the tank to empty into a suitable drain. First, don’t forget to cut the electric power at your circuit breaker board. If the problem persists, repeat the operation or call a plumber, as this may be a symptom of a more significant accumulation.

6_4401. Kitchen

Plumbing work is inevitable when performing kitchen renovations. Roland Bourbonnais Ltd. offers installation services for sinks, faucets, connection to the water main and drains. Customers can also visit our showroom, located in Notre Dame de l’Ile Perrot to view our extensive selection of plumbing products or to browse numerous catalogues from our list of affiliated suppliers, allowing them to get all forms of kitchen fittings and accessories at highly competitive prices.

Roland Bourbonnais Ltd. offers a complete range of services and products for all your kitchen plumbing needs.

2. Bathroom

5_440_01Roland Bourbonnais Ltd. can guide you through your selection of products for the bathroom, as well as your renovation and construction projects. We offer a varied range of product lines from 3 main manufacturers, namely Wolseley, Deschênes & Fils and Emco. We can also help you with the planning of the plumbing for your bathroom project to determine the best selection of piping and location for the required connections. Our plumbers take care of the installation or repair of your toilet, bath, shower, sink and faucets, in the event of a renovation or new construction.

Due to their extensive experience, the plumbers at Roland Bourbonnais Ltd. can meet the needs of all your renovation and new construction projects. Knowing that many do it yourselfers prefer to install bathroom products themselves, such as a toilet, shower, faucet, bath or sink, it is highly recommended to call on a certified plumber to check-over the installation, in the goal of sparing yourself potential issues in the future (leaks, clogged toilets etc…).

4_440Roland Bourbonnais Ltd. offers a complete range of services to meet all your plumbing needs for the bathroom, be it to unclog a toilet or to install a new shower!

A bathroom renovation project provides an excellent opportunity to rethink the ergonomics and functionality of your living space, all while increasing your property’s value (if you’re thinking of selling). Our team can guide you throughout the project, in the goal of rethinking the floor plan of your bathroom.

It is critical to have an educated insight over the global project to root-out potential problems before they arise, which can negatively impact your planned budget. The role of the plumber within a bathroom project is to spot these problems before construction begins and to suggest solutions and products to enhance your daily comfort. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning of a home are all important components of the overall project, not to be neglected!

3. Utility room

1_440_01The Mechanical Room is an important room or space in the home or commercial building, dedicated to hosting the mechanical or electrical equipment related to home heating, among other things. The size of the utility room is generally proportional to the size of the building itself. The Mechanical Room generally includes the following: radiant hot water heating system, air exchanger, dehumidifier, central vac, water entry with pump, hot water heater and hot water reservoir, heated floor system, sump pump etc… Roland Bourbonnais Ltd offers installation and maintenance services for all of this equipment.

For over 40 years, Roland Bourbonnais Ltd has provided quality general plumbing services, that is to say, installation and service of plumbing. Plumbing of hot water heating systems is one of the key specialities developed over the decades, specifically, radiant hot water heating systems for residential and institutional buildings. This type of heating, under concrete or wooden flooring, offers an unparalleled level of comfort.

Choice of location for the installation of valves, pumps and all connections is not to be taken lightly and must adhere to current construction standards. If standards and regulations are not respected to the letter, it is possible, if not likely that leaks will manifest themselves within the construction project. Water leaks are synonymous with water damage and can even adversely affect the structural integrity of the building. This is just one of the many reasons that it is critical to engage the services of a certified plumber who is aware of all building standards and codes, who also keeps up to date, all in the goal of sparing you the nightmare of having executed a significant renovation or construction project without the required proper knowledge and planning.

4. Pipes

2_440We us only the highest quality parts and products, as we strive to ensure quality service to our clientele. We offer products from 3 distributors of plumbing parts & accessories, namely Deschênes et Fils, Wolseley et Emco. As such, we can be certain that the parts used on your construction or renovation project are of the highest quality, allowing us to give piece of mind to all our customers. Piping, drains, water main connections, hot water returns and plumbing accessories – all parts used are certified by their manufacturers.

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