Roland Bourbonnais Ltd. offers emergency service for any plumbing emergency. A leaking faucet or toilet, a floor drain that is backing up, blocked sewer, broken water heater a frozen pipes, don’t hesitate to call us so we can immediately dispatch a qualified plumber to solve any urgent plumbing-related problems you have. Our team is comprised of experienced and qualified resources, who can meet all emergency requirements.

1. Clogs

1_440_05Our rapid response clog service means we can fix your problem in short order. Within the scope of a service call for a clogged toilet, blocked pipes or sewer back-up, it’s possible that your sewage system may require complete replacement of a number of critical components, inside or outside your home. Backflow can be a result of restricted evacuation of water from your toilet, sink, bath, shower or floor drain. Blockage can be a result of debris of any type in the water, tree roots infiltrating your underground piping, accumulated sediment / build-up of unwanted material in the pipes or a malfunctioning backflow protection valve.

Among the signs to watch out for are water infiltration at the base of the interior wall in the basement, peeling or chipping paint in the same place, foul odours, dried white powder residue after water evaporation and mould/mildew. Before considering replacement or serious repair to your drainage system, it’s important to determine and correct the root cause of the problem, lest it repeat itself in the future.

2_440_03As tree roots are common causes of drain blockage, a number of other causes can also play roles in conjunction, which compound the problem and accelerate the decay of the drainage system. An example can often be found in the original design of the drainage system, such as the poorly thought-out location of a connection, valve or bend, any of which can significantly affect the long-term reliability of the system. Don’t wait to call on us to have a plumber service any clog or blockage of your sink, bath, shower, toilet, or the principal drain of your residence or business.

Roland Bourbonnais Ltd. boasts a complete inventory of all the current equipment and products to efficiently locate the source of the problem, by way of pipe & sewer cameras.

Several types of un-clogging / cleaning services are available to address the situation expediently, such as electric drain snakes and pressure systems. From a simple clogged toilet to blockage service inwards from a French drain, Roland Bourbonnais Ltd is your trustworthy plumbing partner.

2. Leaks

5_440_02Leaks generally are a result of a burst pipe, a faulty faucet or a poorly drainage system with accumulating sediment, gradually restricting flow. This type of problem can be the root cause of much more serious issues, such as wall rot, mould, a proliferation of fungus etc… This type of damage is generally detected once it’s too late, such as during renovations when walls are opened, or when foul odours are detected.

3. Frozen pipes

During our severe Canadian winters, temperatures frequently plummet to below -15 C and these conditions make our homes prone to frozen pipes. When diagnosing blocked flow due to frozen pipes, it’s important to ascertain the most likely location of the problem, if it is outside the building, inside, at the water main, crawlspace, under the basement, in a wall etc… Spring thaw is also a time prone to pipes freezing, since as snow melts, water accumulates and re-freezes as the temperature rises and falls. Be wary of damage caused by spring thaw or even strong rains during spring.

It often happens that the vent in the roof can be blocked by a bird’s nest, accumulated snow/ice or other debris. This vent is a component of your home’s sewage / drainage system and once blocked, can adversely affect the flow of waste water from your home and also prevents air from escaping, resulting in the release of foul odours.

4. Water heaters

6_440_01Roland Bourbonnais Ltd. offers installation, maintenance and repair services for water heaters. As the typical expected lifespan of a water heater is 10 years, it is not uncommon for a water heater to suddenly cease to function, requiring an immediate replacement. Manufacturers warranties do not cover problems related to a malfunction if the water heater is not connected directly to a drain. There are available leakage detection systems, which offer you peace of mind, as they will alert you in the event of a leak, preventing you from operating a water heater which is leaking hot water for days or even weeks before detection.

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